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About Us
Curt R. Stauffer

Seven Summits Capital, LLC was established in early 2012, and investment advisory services are conducted under CS Planning, Registered Investment Advisor.

As our name indicates, we are a manager of capital, to include equities, fixed income, and private non-traded asset classes such as real estate and private equity. We harness all of the necessary expertise in the areas of research, strategy, and risk management required to exceed our clients' expectations. We do not deliver "off the shelf" canned portfolio solutions. We build customized investment portfolios for each client, based upon their unique needs. To do this, we employ aspects of financial planning and fundamental analysis and coordinate all of a client's investments, utilizing over 25 years of experience combined with a deep understanding a client’s unique expectations.

Investment style can be summarized as global, opportunistic, and fundamentally driven. As equity managers, we cannot be classified as either growth or value investors. Our individual equity selection process will not typically be limited by a company’s market capitalization, as we do not attempt to manage to a particular asset class benchmark. For most client portfolios, we believe that incorporating a meaningful allocation of non-traditional asset classes into portfolios provides a measurable risk management benefit. As fixed income managers, we utilize individual bond issues when possible. We prefer credit instruments that present a compelling total return opportunity. We purchase bonds with the intent of holding them to maturity; therefore, we are very selective. Paying the right price is critical to achieving the desired total return.

Many of our clients have been with us for well over 15 years. We know the value of trust, respect and loyalty between a client and their investment professional; we continually reinforce these crucial bonds with exceptional service.

Success Principles