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Fixed Income
Non-Traditional Assets

Seven Summits Capital, LLC delivers professional active management personally, professionally and cost effectively. Curt R. Stauffer utilizes extensive research and portfolio management experience to build customized portfolios to meet their clients' needs. Below are some of the portfolio strategies we currently utilize for clients:

  1. All-Cap Core Equity Growth - 25 to 30 equities screened and researched from a global database using a proprietary screener to identify under-valued growth companies with management teams who have demonstrated the ability to create value for shareholders.
  2. All-Cap Dividend Growth - 25 to 30 stock portfolio screened for dividend yield, dividend growth and relative value, while maintaining the same quality criteria utilized in the Core strategy.
  3. Focused Growth - 8 to 12 companies selected from our All-Cap Core Equity Growth universe. A greater emphasis is placed on identifying those securities within our broader universe we believe to have near-term catalysts. This strategy will involve greater trading activity and will not attempt to be tax- efficient.
  4. All-Cap Biotech - portfolio of 8 to 10 biotech companies selected based the following criteria:
    1. Upcoming binary event.
    2. Candidate for acquisition or significant partnership.
    3. Under-valuation.
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