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All clients work with Seven Summits Capital, LLC on a fully discretionary basis. Each client benefits from an ongoing discussion of his or her unique objectives in the context of minimizing the level of risk associated with achieving those objectives. An asset allocation is agreed upon between the portfolio manager and client; investment policies are reviewed no less than once per year.

Curt Stauffer, an experienced research analyst and portfolio manager, leads the security selection process. We utilize the services of the Applied Finance Group (AFG) for fundamental equity analysis, screening and valuation. Proprietary screening enables a quick and effective process to condense thousands of potential equity investments to a manageable list of less than one hundred stocks. These screened candidates are further scrutinized using a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures. Once an equity is identified as a possible portfolio investment a target price is set using AFG's assessment of intrinsic value as a guideline. Target prices are revisited several times per year, typically influenced by earnings announcements and other company specific events. Target price revisions determine to what degree we execute our sell discipline.

Our specialized biotech strategy leverages our history of closely following the biotech industry as well research into emerging scientific drug development platforms to identify and monitor equity investments within the All-Cap Biotech strategy. This strategy is very specialized and inherently speculative. Due to its single sector concentration and limited number of portfolio holdings, this strategy will exhibit significant volatility.

Fixed income securities are primarily sourced through three geographically diversified institutional bond brokerage firms with whom we share long-term relationships of up to 15 years. The monitoring of fixed income securities is a collaborative effort between our portfolio managers and specialized credit staff at those firms. Bonds are purchased with the intent of holding to maturity, however, opportunities are continuously evaluated which might compel us to sell existing bond positions and replace them with bonds deemed to present more favorable risk/return opportunities.

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